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by Bharath ChowdaryMay 20, 2015

KFC Germany has salted its meal trays with a thin, flexible, Bluetooth keyboard.

The “KFC Type Tray” has been used as a giveaway in new KFC stores. Punters can take ’em home and use the thin, rechargeable keyboards for whatever they fancy.


It’s a first world solution to a first world problem: a super-thin, rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard that arrives with your tray of fast food, connects to your smartphone, and lets you text with sticky fingers without messing up your screen.


The KFC Tray Typer — part of an advertising campaign for the fast food chain in Germany — is a high-tech replacement for the usual grease-absorbing paper slip that’s served up on fast food trays. Presumably, it’s durable enough to get wiped down and re-used — although the advert’s creator, Serviceplan, claims the smart paper trays were so popular when handed out during the opening week of new restaurants that “every single one … was taken home.”


The Tray Typer may sound far-fetched, but technologically it’s cutting edge — not science fiction. In 2013, a UK-based electronics company named CSR showed off a Bluetooth keyboard that was just as thin and flexible as the Tray Typer.

It wouldn’t be the craziest electronic peripheral the fast food chain has come up with either: last year in Japan, KFC launched a keyboard, mouse, and USB stick combo — all in the shape of pieces of fried chicken. Actually creating a product as useful as the Tray Typer — even if it’s just part of an advertising campaign — looks pretty sane by comparison.

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