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A Hardware Geek and a Hacker,Founder of DIYHacking @ArvindSanjeev

by Lalith KumarDecember 29, 2014


Arvind Sanjeev is a hardware geek, passionate about everything that has an electronic circuit. Striving to make the world better with technology.He presently serves as the founder of DIYhacking.com.Let us know more about Mr.Arvind and DIYhacking.Here is the interview with Mr.Arvind-

1. What is hacking according to you and few words about DIYhacking.com?


Hacking is a method where we try to solve a problem. At DIY Hacking, we promote tinkerers, i.e., people who break stuff to learn more about them. As kids, we used to always break open our toys and tinker with the stuff inside it. This sort of habit when properly nurtured helps you gain tremendous knowledge about the working of several systems. Reverse engineering can also considered as a very closely related term to hacking.
DIY Hacking (http://diyhacking.com) is a platform I instigated, which focuses on promoting the open source and maker culture in India.It aims to bring the Maker movement to India. It plans to achieve this by helping set up Techshops in colleges and other areas and also by laying down a guide on how an individual can become a Maker. It strives to create an active community of makers in India who will be contributing open source projects through DIY Hacking, and which will be accessible for free to everyone. It will also be releasing Ebooks periodically along with other activities like workshops, weekly newsletters, etc that will continue to identify and engage with the makers in India.


2. Evolution of your life as an engineering student to till date?


As a child, I often got rebuked a few hours after my parents bought me a new battery operated toy. They used to get agitated when they saw that I was more interested in hacking open the toy, be it a RF controlled car or anything having electronics inside it, rather than playing with it. However, a few moments later, to their awe, they used to get mesmerized when they saw me build something new using the components of the toys: hovercrafts, motor boats, they’ve seen it all. I am proud to say that I am a tinkerer. Electronics and robotics have always been a part of my life and and my passion for the same is not likely to wane anytime soon.
My mom funded all my projects which are several, all of them have now been posted as open source through DIY Hacking (http://diyhacking.com). I did my bachelors from a normal college in Cochin and was able to build my knowledge through self learning and open source information available online. Hence, my objective is now to impart the methodologies I have used to build my knowledge to others.
3. Your strategy for choosing a project?


Several of the projects I have worked on, were primarily instigated to solve my own problems. I knew that if I had a particular problem, then I alone would not be the only one who will be facing it. There would be at least a 1000 other people who will be having the similar predicaments. Hence, when trying to build something new, this is one of the key factors that should be taken into account. Innovation is mainly done to solve our problems in the most efficient way.


4. First product that you made?

The first product was a connected car application called RideSmart.

5. What are your current ongoing projects?

All of my projects:


  • RideSmart – Remote Vehicle Activation System using SmartPhones (Had partnered with Blackberry for showcasing this project at various platforms) – Patent Pending .
  • Smart Cap (As seen on Techcrunch) – A cap outfitted with a head mounted display, a clone to the Google Glass, mimicking its functionalities
  • Fin POC (As seen on Indiegogo) – The Wearable Smart Finger Ring controller for SmartTVs, Smartphones, etc.
  • Internet of Things based home automation system.
  • Android SmartPhone Application Controlled Robot.
  • Android SmartPhone Application Controlled Honda Scooter.
  • Auto stabilization and Remote Control of quad-rotor helicopter.
  • Wearable Hand Glove controlled Hovercraft with GPS (Honored with a best project award from IEEE, Calicut).
  • Smart and Interactive Offline Voice Response Systems for Home Automation.
  • Gspeed – Anti Theft and navigation system for two wheelers.
  • Portable GPS navigation module .
  • Home Power and Internet Logger (Earned recognition from Kerala Power Minister and Electricity Board) .
  • Autonomous Path Following Robot.
  • Electric ignition based Rocket using self made solid fuel mixture.
  • Electromagnetic Projectile Accelerators.


6. How did you manage to develop key partnerships? (FIN)


 The company- Fin Robotics had pitched their idea for developing the wearable ring to me. Since, I had a strong technical background in developing embedded systems, I was able to play the key role for the company and create their first prototype.


7. How did you distinguish yourself from your competitors?


 I am personally a fan of the Open Source and Maker culture, as can be seen from my contributions through http://diyhacking.com One of the projects posted on DIY Hacking was even featured on international media like Techcrunch, etc. I try to post most of the stuff as open source, so that more and more people from our country will adopt this culture. Open Source technologies are the backbone of innovation today, hence contributing back to it will only bolster our growth towards developing veritable technologies.
Hence, through http://diyhacking.com , I am trying to change the attitude of the people in our country, so that people can come together and work on innovating something collectively.


8. Can you share your experience working with blackberry and with tech-crunch?


My initial product- RideSmart was supported by Blackberry. They partnered with me in showcasing the project at several venues like Blackberry 10 launch at Mumbai, Orlando, Hong Kong, etc.


9. If you could talk to one person in history who would it be and why?


The Wright Brothers. Since, I was inspired by how they overcame criticism and ridicule to build the world’s first manned airborne vehicle.


10. A line that makes you stay Alive?


“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other opinions drown your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” -Steve Jobs


11. What do you feel is the major difference between an entrepreneur and who work for someone else?


Entrepreneurs distinguish themselves by having the courage to take risks and the passion for doing something they love.


12. Where you see yourself and your business after 10 years?


I aspire to help all the students in India through http://diyhacking.com , I will be providing free tutorials, projects, eBooks and other online resources to help them innovate. I am also presently mentoring a lot of students with their projects and helping them think out of their default academic based mindset. 

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