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by Entrepreneurs MingleApril 18, 2014 is an exclusive  job portal which allows students from IIT’s, NIT’s, BITS and IIM’s. however it allows students with good experience and not from good college.“ We are not Topcollege .in” says Senior Manager-Sales and Marketing Silus Reddy. It aims for a single destination for top talents in country. has been serving students from 2010 and presently working as a 9 member team  with over 2000+ companies recruiting people and 75000+ jobseekers.  They are growing aggressively and looking into social recruitment (a product in private beta testing). They have several products in the pipeline which makes life of both jobseeker and employers easy in getting hired or hiring. 

We had a conversation with Silus Reddy, Senior Manager of this is the story of

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1. How’s your journey with going on?

The journey has taught us many things. It is anything but smooth. We have learnt a lot of things. There were many harsh moments but we welcome them. Many entrepreneurs who were successful are our inspiration (particularly phanindra sama of redbus for me )

2. How did had its start? Or what was the story behind our start?

When Varun (the ceo) was in final year realized that there is no proper place for students of top colleges to look for jobs once they are out of campus Btw it was in one of the bad seasons. Recession. So almost everyone was concerned. He and his co-founder, Vani realized an opportunity here. They wanted to solve a big problem. The brightest minds of this country are leaving instead they can get a deserving job here. Even though such jobs exist. They are not visible to everyone. Hence we started creating a common platform for such market

3. What are the major challenges you are facing or have faced?

The major problem we faced was that see without jobs, students wont visit the site and we can’t get jobs without student traffic. We were facing the classic chicken and egg problem, However we first targeted students via the blog ( Our blog is our major traffic source. We write every article with extreme care and once we got several students on board we got jobs and we got into that cycle.

4. What made u lave a good earning job and opt for

I am an EEE grad and I was working in core industry itself. I hate coding hence chose that but I was bored, frankly my future looked very bad. I will become a manager at 30. chief manager at 40 VP at 55 and retire at 60. I want to build something not be a part of something already built I thought i was ready and took the leap. I think i made the right decision its been 1 year since I joined toptalent. I joined when it was mere 6 months old

5. Have top been incubated or being mentored by someone

It is not incubated. However BITSian angels are mentoring us infact our angel investor is also a BITSian our very first customers are BITSian startups Gharpay, greyorangerobotics, redbus, hourglass research and so on BITS has been really really helpful in everything. We got several offers for incubation but it has its own set of challenges. Frankly its is not too useful unless ur idea needs lot of support to execute

 6. What are your goals for near future and your long term plans?

We want to be an exclusive website for all the best talent hiring. We think that even campus placements will go virtual and we want to pioneer it. We are infact taking proper steps (baby steps) towards it. Our long term vision is just to solve the problem of hiring. top talent of this country if connected properly to companies will do a lot of help in many ways.

7. Our words to young preneurs

Be prepared, the journey is hard, but the end is awesome.

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