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by SowmyaJanuary 27, 2016

Inbox by Gmail Google’s next-gen email client for mobile and the web, is getting a nice little update today that will make it easier to find information like addresses, membership numbers and package tracking numbers in your emails.

While Inbox always featured a pretty good search feature that would organize results by relevance, Google has now made its search tool in the app significantly smarter.Just like in Google Search, Inbox will now often pop up a small card with a quick answer instead of just a list of emails.

Inbox by Gmail available for mobile and web already lets users view results by relevance and now, the new tool would make it even smarter. “Now when you’re searching for a frequent flyer number or shipping status (for example), Inbox will show it at the top of search results–no more digging through individual emails to find what you’re looking for,” the company writes in a blogspot.

Until now, Inbox would pop up a list of emails that would have those keywords in them. Now, it looks at your emails and tries to find that number so it can display it in a quick answer box. Or if you’re looking for your hotel reservation in San Francisco for the Crunchies, you can now search for “sf hotel” and it’ll likely find it and show the result in a card.

So, Google will try to show the most relevant answers instead of digging every relevant result. It will quickly pop up a card, just how you see in Google search. “When searching now, instead of seeing every matching result in reverse chronological order, you’ll see what Inbox thinks are the most relevant results at the top. The reverse chronological order still follows below, but hopefully Google’s crazy-smart algorithms will be able to dig up just what you’re looking for first,” points out GeekWire.

Underneath any quick answers, one will find “Top results” section that orders emails by relevance. And below that all the email results, ordered by date. However, there are chances you won’t have to look there often.

Google tells me that all of this is essentially powered by the same technology the Inbox team also uses to build its trip bundles.

The company says Inbox will pop up quick answer cards for queries about addresses, phone numbers, membership numbers, flights, events, bills, package tracking “and more.”

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