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by Bharath ChowdarySeptember 21, 2015

Amazon just made it much, much easier to catch up on the news while you’re getting chores done around the home. A newly-added option for its voice-guided Echo speaker, Trove, lets you ask the device to read the top news headlines on a given subject. Just say as much — you don’t even have to glance at your phone or your wrist. This isn’t going to provide insightful commentary, of course, but it could be good for those moments when you just don’t have time (or the free hands) needed to go in depth.

No worries if there is an Alexa in human form in your household because you can program Amazon Echo to activate by saying “Amazon.” The simple phrase “Just ask” is how all of us are to approach conversing with our newly introduced mini robot assistant family member Amazon Echo/Alexa.

The Amazon Echo bluetooth speaker is Amazon’s multi year project that puts their mark into the bluetooth speaker and voice recognition space that is a bustling and very popular space right now. Yes, there are many bluetooth speakers out there that can do different things but the Amazon Echo is one of the only bluetooth speakers out there that you can control completely with your voice. You unbox Echo and set it up simply with your wireless network and the Amazon Alexa companion app that is free to download any device. The Echo also guides you through the simple setup process until you are fully connected and ready to start integrating into your daily routine.


Top highlights that differentiate Amazon Echo from the crowded pack of bluetooth speakers are as follows:

  • It’s always on and ready to be used.
  • It has seven microphones that can hear you from across the room even with music or other loud noises happening at once. Anyone in your family can use the Echo.
  • Echo connects to “Alexa” Amazon’s cloud based voice recognition service and also serves as the robot brain of Echo.
  • “Alexa” or “Amazon” is used as the wake word to begin speaking to your Amazon Echo.
  • It updates automatically with no interaction required.
  • The Echo is always learning and adapting to the voice patterns of everyone using it. The more everyone uses it the better and easier the Echo executes your request.
  • Amazon is always adding to the Echo’s capabilites. Recently they added Pandora, Audible, Google Calendar Access, and control of connected devices with WeMo, Philips Hue lights, Smart Things, Wink and more.
  • Recently Amazon started the Amazon Alexa fund which opens up the Echo to brilliant minds out there and startups alike to pitch to Amazon on innovative new ways to integrate voice recognition technology into the Echo that hasn’t been seen before. Two new recipients of the million dollars from the Alexa fund were Musiac which is a resolution wireless hi-fi system that can be controlled with Alexa and Rachio creators of an intelligent sprinkler control system that monitors the weather conditions to help conserve water and water the grass and plants in the best way possible.
  • The latest recipient of the Alexa fund is Petnet who is the creator of the SmartFeeder, an app enabled intelligent feeding application that lets pet owners to monitor and portion control feeding times and the amount of food their pet eats. You can now even ask Amazon Echo how much your pet has eaten today to eliminate over feeding or forgetting to feed your pets.
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