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Apple TV Update To Hit On Sept. 18!

by Bharath ChowdarySeptember 12, 2013

Apple’s media box (iTV) software update sooner!!

While there was no mention of Apple TV on iPhone event, All Things D is reporting that it believes Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. will roll out a software overhaul for the media box next week.

The well-sourced tech news site reports that an Apple TV update is coming on the same day that iOS 7 will be released, Sept. 18. According to Peter Kafka’s sources at Apple, there will be an update to Apple’s Airplay system, letting people watch shows they’ve bought on iTunes on Apple TVs other than their own. More new features could be included in the update as well.

Many thought that there would be a new Apple TV announced at Apple’s big event on Tuesday, since boxes described as “Set Top Box with Communication Function” were being shipped to Apple in late August. Apple has been hinting at new TV technology for months now, with CEO Tim Cook noting the company has a “grand vision” for television last May.

The one new feature is a tweak to Apple’s Airplay system.The new software will allow people who have purchased content from Apple’s iTunes store to play that stuff on other people’s TVs, via its Airplay system. The key part is that they will be able to tell an Apple TV box they don’t own to stream the media they do own, directly from the cloud. That’s a change from the current system, which requires users to download stuff to their iPhones and iPads and fling it to the dTV from there. It also echoes the way Google’s new Chromecast device works.

It means that the new software will bring updated AirPlay features to the device, allowing you not only to stream content on your own Apple TV but on your friends’ too.

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