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by SowmyaJanuary 21, 2016

Google Chrome users should expect to see a performance uptick in the near future as the company rolls out new technology to speed up load times.

In an attempt to make its Chrome browser faster, Google has announced it will be integrating the Brotli compression algorithm in it. Ilya Grigorik,web performance Engineer at Google shared in an update that they intend to make it available soon.

Ilya Grigorik posted on Google+ Tuesday. Google firstunveiled Brotli back in September, but provided no details as to when the upgrade would be available at that time.

Brotli, named after a type of German bread, was announced in September last year. According to him , Brotli is ready to roll out, so Chrome users should expect to see a bump in load times once the next version of Chrome is released.

Google also says Brotli will help mobile Chrome users experience “lower data transfer fees and reduced battery use.” The company is hailing Brotli as “a new data format” that Google hopes will be adopted by other web browsers in the near future, with Firefox seemingly next in line to adopt it. But for now, expect to notice your web pages loading a bit faster in the coming weeks.

Google says Brotli will be between 20 and 26% more efficient than its current compression algorithm, Zopfli, adding that this smaller compressed size will result in faster page loads.

Those using Chrome on mobile devices will likely see other benefits too, such as lower data transfer fees and reduced battery use.Brotli compresses more densely that allows for better space utlisation and faster page loads.

Data compression is a process that minimizes data so that it takes up less space and is easier to transfer. When data is compressed more densely, it’s able to travel along the Internet faster while using fewer resources.


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