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iPhone 5s & All New Mac Pro!

by Entrepreneurs MingleAugust 24, 2013

mac pro 

Last week, a set of pictures were leakedonline via Chinese social network Weibo, showing the iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone 5C alongside each other and an iPhone 5.

Along with this some pictures of Apple iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner allegedly leaked on a French blog Nowhereelse.fr, which has been known to leak components for unreleased Apple products in the past.

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Any ways, nothing is set in stone with regards to the iPhone 5S for the simple fact that nothing is officially known about it from Apple.

Leaving the rumors about “iPhone 5s” aside, later this year, Apple is also ready to launch their new mac pro, which they are describing it as a “future of the pro desktop”. Don’t convince with the tag? Okay, then you must watch the trailer released by the Apple yesterday. This small flick says it all.

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The ad was totally done in a cinematic style on simple backgrounds, showing the curves and stark lines of new Mac Pro filling up the fans with excitement. The ad ends up saying “Mac Pro. Fall 2013″.

The ad went live on the company’s official YouTube channel on Friday. For the first time, extremely secretive Apple posted a “trailer” for a product. Will this “New Mac Pro” justify the unusual decision of Apple to launch a trailer? Let us wait and see.

  Which one you are planning to buy? “iPhone 5s” or The all “New Mac Pro”?

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