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by Bharath ChowdaryAugust 5, 2016

YouTube Red is a great service if you want to get rid of those pesky ads, but there’s one group of people that hasn’t been able to enjoy YouTube ad-free: kids. Well, that’s finally changing.

YouTube Kids — a video service from YouTube aimed at allowing parents to let their kids watch videos without stumbling across anything inappropriate for their age — is finally integrating with YouTube Red. Basically, kids can now watch videos without ads, as long as their parents pay for it.

YouTube hasn’t released any numbers yet around the performance of Red. The Kids app has been downloaded millions of times and Malik Ducard, head of content for YouTube Kids, said that the app, which was launched in February of 2015, has already served up over 10 billion video views.


“The primary reason is that it took us time to actually build that bridge between YouTube Kids and YouTube Red was because we really wanted to do it in the right way that really allows for parents to have that control,” told Malik Ducard, YouTube’s global head of family and learning. “We’ve been building, we’ve been refining, we’ve been getting it right. We feel we’re at a great place to launch.”

The ability to get an ad-free alternative was a way to address those concerns — and build on suggestions given by parents to YouTube.

“We spend a lot of time testing it within our team but also getting feedback from  people who care and parents who are likely to be users as well,” Ducard said.
To get started, head over to the parental controls section of the YouTube Kids app, sign in to your Red account, and follow the steps on the screen. If you’ve been meaning to try YouTube Red, head here to get your free 30-day trial.
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