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by SowmyaFebruary 9, 2016

Google can be generous in a lot of corners especially when it comes to its online services, where the Big G is known to give away stuff either at a mega discount, or in some cases, absolutely free.

Keeping the latter ‘free’ thought in mind, Google is once again in the mood of giving, and is offering users 2GB of free Google Drive storage space if they simply go through an online security checkup of their Google account. It’s really as simple as that!

security_check_001 (1)

Head to the Security checkup page wherein you can edit the registered phone number. A phone number makes recovering account details such as forgotten password easy. Then, you can check all the devices that you’ve logged in using the account details.

It will then ask you to check account permissions showing several programs with account permissions. It let’s you review the apps, websites, and devices connected to your Google Account. Make sure you recognize, use and trust them all, or remove the ones you don’t.

So, the process involves reviewing your account recovery options that are connected to devices, services that need permissions along with a two-step verification settings.

On completing the process, users can view a final page that thanks them. The page will read, “To help celebrate Safer Internet Day 2016, we added 2GB of free Drive storage to your Google account because you completed the Security Checkup.”


The free storage space can be used towards anything Drive related, which means you can store documents, photos, videos or a bunch of other files to share with others, or maybe just hold as backup in the cloud.The page above shows Google promising 2GB of free Drive storage. However, it may not reflect immediately.

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